My cat is seriously in love with this herb.

My 13 year-old cat had never encountered a catnip plant -- until yesterday.

The plant sustained a fair bit of damage, but it's still alive.

Raymond is nuzzling its stubby little defoliated stems with unbreakable focus at this very moment, however.

This does not bode well for the catnip plant.



  1. I think I finally understand why people like cats. That was seriously cute/funny/awesome.

  2. Thanks, Anne! In turn, I'd love to see your 3yo at Sato Japanese Steakhouse watching the onion slice volcano. Oh man.

  3. You have a beautiful cat! Mine is a calico... not symetrically patterned like yours. I like symetry. But Rio was given to me and has stolen my heart (pretty bold statement for a former cat hater... you see I was a DOG person!) Think I'll see about locating a catnip plant today for her. :-)

  4. You just totally made the Nickelodeon's day. Larry and I really needed the laugh - thank you!


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