My Top 5 Faves from the SC State Fair Parking Lot

All it takes is one stroll across the SC State Fair parking lot with an eye for vehicle adornment, and you can pick up some hot little socio-cultural gems. Here are my top five!

Dixie Girls. Perhaps they weep for racial injustice on the inside?

This pink Carolina Girl thing has really blown up lately.

I want to like it but I can't stop throwing up in my mouth.

I wonder if this person has a desk job for which they must behave in a modest, meek fashion, but come quittin' time, things really go flip!

It's like their church is the sun, rising and shining through a glittering stained glass portal to heaven.

Every time this person gets gas, I hope they bend down and flash themselves a huge, sh*t-eating grin in the side mirror while they pump the unleaded.

They would be completely justified in doing so, don't you think?

photos: TB


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