Ginger Wine Ninjas Pinot Noir from Columbia SC

Columbia, SC has a new wine label, produced by 3 red-haired wine brains who know their stuff: Ginger Wine Ninjas' 2012 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir!

Recently killed a bottle by the fire with a dear friend, and let me just say, it goes right nice with some fancy cheese and conversation. Lean, structured, and serious, it's great wine made by great people.

They worked with a custom crush facility in Oregon to produce the wine.

With the limited wine knowledge I carry around in my brain's back files, I see it loosening up nicely over the next year, so it'd be a good one for buying a few bottles for now, and a few for cracking open when sweater weather hits next year. Right?

Congrats to the gingers: Kaitlin Ohlinger, recently of Cellar on Greene and now in Oregon proper; James Alford of Morganelli's, and Bryan Della Volpe of Gourmet Shop. The wine is available in all 3 places.

Now that Kaitlin is posted up in Oregon, it will be exciting to see what grapes/juice these guys get their hands on to make future wines.  Here's to hillside fruit and smart peeps making rad things happen right here in Soda City.


  1. So they actually made it?
    That's great! :)
    The custom crush people actually took all their input to make a unique wine - a SC influenced Oregon wine? Go SC!


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