Winter at The Yum Diary

Charcuterie board w/visiting friend Jesse at Terra in Columbia, SC

Oyster and pig roast at City Roots farm in Columbia, SC

There's always some cray new cocktail at Motor Supply w/obscure ingredients + delish taste.

Venison tomato sauce for lasagna during snowstorm #1. Deer taken down by Anne Postic.

Grandma B's Wedgwood china, finally out of hiding.

Vietnamese sandwich, brussels sprout pizza and kabocha-shrimp porridge at the 'Wich Doctor on Folly Beach, SC.

Marsh rabbit bourgignon, courtesy of Richard Olney.

The Incredible Edible Egg. Apron from Joe Pinner's collection. He was Mr. Knozit on WIS TV.

Corralejo Anejo, bubble bath, and Jane Campion's rad show, Top of the Lake, to prep for the ice storm.

Ice day in the Cayce Avenues.


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