Tamales verdes, rajas & rojos in West Columbia, SC

Just scored a fine looking bag of chicken tamales, $1.25 each, 3 flavors.

Props to my Flock and Rally business partner for turning me on to El Mariachi on 378!

El Mariachi has all the stuff to make fresh tomatillo guacamole to put on top, too.

Here's where I brag: the cilantro, I grew myself.


  1. love el mariachi. Breakfast is good there too. I think they also sell fake ID's.

  2. It's a tragedy that there are no photos accompanying this post! Oh well, I guess you'll just have to get more of those tamales... and I should probably just come, too... You know, to help out with the photos.

    I wonder if El Mariachi also has uncooked flour tortillas!


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