Gluten-free China black rice bread French Toast!

This toast, by Food for Life, requires 3 rounds of toasting in the mini oven, but once crispy and vegan butter-y, it's a dense, chewy / crunchy delight. And lavender colored because of the black rice, which is fun.

So I figured I'd soak it in organic eggs from Trail Ridge Farms, SC, organic cream, & fresh grated nutmeg overnight and give it a whirl on the griddle.

A low temp for long period helps bread crunch up without burning the egg. Sprinkle w/kosher salt and drizzle w/dark, grade B 100% maple syrup.

Oh yesssss.


  1. I haven't heard about this type of bread toast but it looks appealing. I could imagine how delicious it smells. I think I'll head to the nearest Long Island gluten free stores and buy some ingredients to try this.


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