This is one awfully friendly armadillo

I saw my first armadillo the other day. It didn't seem too bothered by the fact that I am about 20 times its size.

Cumberland Island National Seashore, GA; at the ruins of Dungeness, Lucy Carnegie's winter home 
FYI I just did an at-a-glance measurement routine on myself to determine that remarkably useful stat for you, imagining an armadillo on my arm, on my upper arm, on my shoulder, etc., then counting them all up.

Because the internet is all about scholarly pursuits.


  1. I want to pull on his earsies!

  2. I hear you, brother. I really had to restrain myself.

  3. He/she looks like a very elaborate bronze sculpture!

  4. He is so elaborate, indeed, that I feel I can't quite dim his glimmer just yet by posting another post.

    So, basically, the challenge is to find something more delightful and definitive than an up-close armadillo on a protected estate ruin on a sea island in Georgia.

    Um, yeah. That's going to be a lil tough, to be honest.


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