Snow Leopard Wine? Hellooooo, Christmas!

Snow leopard wine? YESSSS.

Snow Leopard Conservancy - You Can Help

My favorite zoo animal growing up? The snow leopard.

Which I visited often at Riverbanks Zoo in my hometown of Columbia, SC. (Riverbanks is really quite the excellent zoo! This was confirmed when I visited the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park last year!)

My friend Jeremiah is a zookeeper at the San Francisco Zoo (and he's a North Carolinian!); he sent me the info on this cool nonprofit fundraising initiative. Thanks, bro!

"I wanted to let everyone know about Long Tail wine, which is a project that we helped create about a year ago in an effort to support our dear friends at the Snow Leopard Conservancy. 

Dr. Rodney Jackson and Darla Hillard have dedicated their lives to researching and saving snow leopards in the wild, and your purchase of this wine contributes directly to this worthy cause."

It's a Long Tail Revival!

Proudly re-introducing Long Tail wines, the Snow Leopard Conservancy's most delicious fundraising effort. Sip to our success and the Snow Leopard's survival, by purchasing Long Tail wines.
Created by celebrity winemaker Gustavo Brambila at Torchlight Cellars, these wines are well-balanced and in limited supply (just like the Snow Leopard!) so get yours soon.
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Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 Reserve
Put your wine dollars to work for snow leopards!


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