Vegan chocolate sunrise, abandoned beach mansion sunset

This is the vegan chocolate mousse I made on my birthday.

Brought it to the beach and ate some for breakfast with my cousins.

Is it made of tofu? Yes. Can I give you the recipe? I wish I could! It's my nutritionist's recipe, so you'll have to ask her. But I'll tell you this: it's freaking unbelievable!

For lunch, we ate the pants off of some very fresh, tasty Cajun (read: blackened) seafood platters at a Murrells Inlet restaurant called Flo's, a well-loved, joint that is positively clotted with Mardi Gras beads and signs like "Unattended children will be sold." It was awesome.

Also awesome: Atalaya, the ruins of a magical old winter beach castle in Huntington Beach State Park, SC. I walked down there this evening from our big old resort, which was fancy in the 80s but has great winter rates and an indoor heated pool.

At magic hour, the photo ops at Atalaya are just ridiculous.

Is this not the most awesomely trite teen girl angst photo? I wanted to take a picture of the pretty magic hour sunset wall, and this tween girl was walking around back there, I think being angsty. Which is quite natural, no? I was angsty at that age.

In fact I recall very vividly listening to Sinead O'Connor on my cassette tape Walkman on a family trip to this very same beach area when I was in 8th grade. Remember The Lion and the Cobra? So much angst. I also had an Echo and the Bunnymen tape. I was all set.



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