All the Blueberries You Can Eat -- for $9

A gallon of fresh blueberries for $9!

The only catch? Got to pick them yourself.

With pleasure.

The proprietors, who own Cottle Strawberry Farms (also pick-your-own, off of Bluff Rd, Columbia, SC) say that Friday, they had 500 people out there picking blueberries.

Wonder how many on Saturday when we went out there (in the 100-degree heat)?

This guy keeps track of it all.

(In a college-ruled notebook.)


p.s. I gave half of my gallon to my elder cousins for their blueberry pancakes (I was over there anyway to learn how to "put up" -- that is, blanch and freeze -- summer field peas for the winter), and then I froze the rest of my berries for blueberry, banana and almond milk smoothies. Yum!
photos: TB


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